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Building Programs and Connecting Ecosystems for Public Organizations

Building and evolving a vibrant innovation scene locally is essential to also stand out internationally. A sustainable implementation requires the involvement of all relevant ecosystem stakeholders and an understanding of the support structures needed. To fasten the process, governments and public institutions can work with an experienced, well-connected partner.

At German Entrepreneurship, our mission is to shape the future by empowering innovation – not only in Germany, but all over the world. Our strength is in our established global network of partners and mentors, extensive knowledge of the European, Asian, and U.S. business landscape, and experience in scaling businesses. This has enabled us to build long-term, trusted partnerships with a wide range of governments and public institutions.

Together, we design and establish successful startup expansion programs to promote entrepreneurship and cross-border innovation. We build and connect ecosystems on a global scale for targeted exchange and support. Our goal is not only to strengthen your local innovation scene, but to also make it visible, valuable and internationally recognized. Why don’t we get started together?

Case Study Singapore

Germany x Singapore

With German Accelerator, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, we have been successfully supporting the most promising German startups, including German unicorns like Forto, to expand to Singapore as a landing pad in Southeast Asia. To close the loop of cross-border expansion, we have established Scaler8, a German Entrepreneurship brand, to scale startups to all of our landing pads, including Germany. Among others, Scaler8 is part of the Global Innovation Alliance of Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board to enable Singapore startups and SMEs to enter the German market.

The expansion of startups between Singapore and Germany, the exchange of thought leaders of the two tech hubs and the close ties between both governments have created a thriving environment for cross-border collaboration. In a joint effort, we position Germany in Singapore and Singapore in Germany to continously increase and shape the exchange between the leading innovation hubs.

Current Government Partners Include 
Kristin Eckert

Kristin Eckert

Global Lead of Business Development