Welcome back, Polarstern!

Out of sight, out of mind – right? Wrong! Here at German Entrepreneurship and through all our programs and collaborations we meet a lot of people and learn about their companies and ideas. Our accelerators and programs all end at some point, but we value the relationships we build.  We want to see where their journeys go, but also know that you always see yourself twice in life. When you do, this  could not only be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Or even the start of a successful collaborations: We proudly announce that former LMU EC Accelerator participant Polarstern is now the  source of clean, green energy in our new office!

Good to have you back! You were a participant in LMU ECLab. Tell us what happened in the meantime!

We showed everyone: It’s possible. We can change the world with energy – really. Since we started Polarstern in early summer in 2011 we have expanded our product portfolio 100 % based on green energy. We invested in decentralised energy production. We expanded our worldwide engagement in Cambodia and started an initiative in Madagascar. Of course, we also grew. Now we are a team of almost 40 enthusiastic people eager to change the world.

What was the latest highlight on your journey?

We realized powerful projects to produce more green energy. For example we turned several hundred apartment buildings of all kinds in Germany into small eco-power plants. We invested in new technologies such as green hydrogen and its efficient integration into the energy market.

Hand on heart: What memories do you have thinking about us?

Challenging discussions, precious exchange of opinions and guidance when needed. Our meetings with the team strengthened and supported us to trust in ourselves and in our way to start a new social business in a very competitive market. In this market most players don’t believe that this kind of corporate management will be successful.

We are very happy to see a former participant grow and we are proud to support you. What does this collaboration mean to you?

We very much appreciate strong and lasting partnerships. Growing together on a trustful basis is very powerful. This means improving ourselves and our businesses by sharing experiences, ideas and visions very openly. It feels really good to have close relationships via shared history, to be a proof of social business in this network and to help other start-ups following their ideas for a better tomorrow.

Can you share your next plans with us?

Oh, there is so much to come! Our climate needs action. Now and not later. We grow and our impact grows in several dimensions – decentralized energy, green energy in different sectors etc. We show with our development  that this needs and can be done. And it can be done not only in a climate friendly way but also sustainable in every dimension. The climate crisis is based on our handling and exploitation of natural resources. We need to spread this understanding to save our world.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


To use what they learned at university for a greater good – that’s what started it all for the three founders of Polarstern in 2009. The energy provider is the first energy provider founded as a Social Business and being part of the Common Good economy.  That means they want to change the economy as a whole, not just the energy market. So as a social business they have their eyes on more than just energy. Sustainable energy should not also be everyone’s priority but help others and benefit all. Together with their clients, Polarstern invests in new eco energy power plants in developing countries. In their home country Germany, they provide residents and companies with 100% green energy products – for the fourth time being awarded by economic magazine Capital and market research institute statista as one of Germany’s most innovative companies.

If you are interested in more startups that tackle challenges arising from urbanization, read more in our blog entry about smart cities, co-living, mobility and energy.

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