25.Oct 2022

The Winners of Cashwalk in October

Fifty startups, three-minute pitches, and interested investors are the ingredients of German Entrepreneurship’s exclusive pitch event Cashwalk. After successful events in Munich and Berlin this May, hand-picked startups and investors met virtually yesterday for networking and to kick off prosperous relationships. An expert jury awarded a winner in various industry categories. Startups using AI technology competed for a separate prize by HumanE AI Net.

This Cashwalk’s winning startups are:

These are the winning startups of yesterday’s exclusive pitch-event Cashwalk by German Entrepreneurship.


(Energy & Sustainability and Data & Connectivity)

4.screen is a technology company developing the economic infrastructure of connected mobility. The 4.screen Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) seamlessly connects the car to the mobility ecosystem and provides a standardized interface for real-time communication with drivers. The 4.screen technology is developed by a team of automotive, marketing, and software experts committed to creating seamless experiences for drivers.

Simon Hecker, Co-founder of 4.screen: Great event by Cashwalk, we are very proud to have won the award in Data & Connectivity! 


(Deep Tech – 1)

The startup is creating the world’s first all-optical CPU – A processor that works using light instead of electrons. It makes their general-purpose CPUs not only 1000x more energy efficient than electronics but also faster and more secure. They aim to kickstart the next generation of computers.

Michael Kissner, CEO of Akhetonics: “We are very proud to win in the DeepTech category at Cashwalk and to get the opportunity to present the exciting future of extremely fast and energy efficient Optical Computing!” 


(Consumer & Lifestyle and Manufacturing & Production)

Quantica has invented and developed a novel technology for multi-material 3D printing of end parts and products. The technology introduces a new manufacturing paradigm allowing customers to print final products with multiple materials/colors/mechanical properties in one single process. Quantica generated €4m in revenue in 2021 and is raising a €12m round that will bring the company to breakeven and on a solid growth path—targeting €75m in 2026.


(Financial Services and Business & Enterprise)

One app for all suppliers: CATHAGO connects the procurement department, construction site, and suppliers – from requisition to payment. With their Purchase2Pay platform, CATHAGO becomes the one-stop solution to procure ABC materials, equipment, and tools.

Philipp Dressler, founder of CATHAGO: “We are proud to have won in the Financial Services and Business & Enterprise category at Cashwalk. Looking forward to getting in touch with partners and investors to showcase our ConTech solution for procurement!” 

Patronus Health

(Life Science & Health)

Patronus Health is a MedTech company based in Frankfurt and provides digital solutions for patients undergoing major surgery in the chest or abdomen to prepare them for their upcoming procedure. The science behind it is called prehabilitation and strives to improve the patient’s overall health before surgery to cope better with the stress during the process. With a digital solution, Patronus creates leverage by providing a new therapy approach with a digital solution to a large patient population.

Charlotte Detemble, Co-founder and CFO of Patronus Health: “We really enjoyed being part of this Cashwalk and we are thankful for the reward in the category MedTech. It is amazing to see so many innovative minds in Germany and Europe creating the future of medicine.” 


(Deep Tech – 2)

Koralo creates natural, delicious, and nutritious plant-based seafood for seafood lovers. Seafood is enjoying strong growth due to its popularity as a healthy alternative to meat. However, supply cannot keep up with demand due to overfishing and aquaculture’s inability to close the gap. Mimicking nature, the startup’s unique, patent-pending co-fermentation replicates the taste and nutrition of seafood so that you can use it in all your favorite dishes. Koralo replaces fish with fermentation, using microalgae as a feedstock to create a natural seafood alternative.

Sina Albanese, Co-CEO of Koralo: “Great event! Thank you, Cashwalk team – we are looking forward to linking up with investors!” 


(HumenE AI Award)

SpeechMind amplifies customer voices in companies and enables maximum customer-centered development. When capturing authentic customer wishes, feedback, and requirements, SpeechMind is the essential voice of the customer solution. Share insights across your organization directly from users. Analyze calls in the area of customer success and requirements engineering faster and shape your roadmap based on real customer needs.

Richard Fankhänel, CEO and Co-founder of SpeechMind: Cashwalk is a great opportunity to meet a lot of investors and get high quality feedback on your pitch! 

Thank you to all attending startups, investors, jury members and guests! 

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