29.Sep 2021

Cashwalk: Startups With Innovative Solutions

More DeepTech, more AI, more innovative solutions for the challenges of our time: during yesterday’s Cashwalk, a total of 51 selected Seed and Series A startups presented their business ideas to an audience of investors in 3 minutes each. A jury of experts chose the founding teams of Service Club Delivery, Avocargo, Ceramic Data Solutions, VisioLab, CloudGuide, and Actimi as the winners of the 11th edition of Cashwalk. In addition, a special prize in the “Humane AI” category was awarded to bearcover. The digital pitch event was moderated by Galina Bankova, Founder of The People Accelerator, and Cynthia Jurytko, business angel and advisor to the European Commission.

“Cashwalk has become a truly international venue on the startup financing scene with top Seed and Series A startups and investors participating from Germany and many other nations. Connecting startups and investors internationally, is at the heart of German Entrepreneurship and Cashwalk embodies this” says Andy Goldstein, Founder and Managing Director of German Entrepreneurship GmbH and host of Cashwalk.

The winning startups

Service Club Delivery, in the Business & Enterprise category.

The Barcelona-based startup is a job platform exclusively for delivery people and helps build fleets for delivery companies from trained and filtered couriers via their proprietary technology. The same technology upskills and certifies couriers as well as gives them guidance and support.

Avocargo, in the Retail & Commerce category.

The startup makes E-Cargobike Sharing for urban B2C and B2B customers possible.

Ceramic Data Solutions, in the Data & Connectivity category.

The Austrian startup developed long-term data storage technology based on patented ceramic materials and femtosecond laser technology enabling lifespans of thousands of years of text and images while reducing energy consumption. 

CloudGuide, in the Consumer & Lifestyle category.

CloudGuide is a global app to guide and engage visitors at tourist attractions, uniting all sites in a single app with official content and creating long-lasting customer experiences.

VisioLab, in the Deep Tech category.

The startup offers a digitalized point-of-sale with vision based food recognition for the gastronomic industry via an iPad solution.

Actimi, in the Life Science & Health category.

The startup specializes in telemonitoring for patients with heart failure and offers both doctors and patients the technical infrastructure to monitor their health via an app.

bearcover, special award in the category Humane AI

The startup deploys robots on a service model that supports night shift staff in nursing homes with routine checks without entering the residents’ rooms.

First Cashwalk with international participation

From necessity to virtue: for this edition of Cashwalk, the virtual stage was not only for just German startups.Founders from Romania, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay pitched. In addition to Germany, investors came from Austria, Japan, Singapore, and France. “The event is not tailored to just one country and that makes it a great experience for us with a high quality jury and outstanding startups. It’s an honor to have won,” says Zeynep Demirbilek of Barcelona-based Service Club Delivery, whose startup builds fleets for delivery companies. 

In conclusion: “From a startup perspective, the event is perfect because the 3minute pitch is a teaser for investors,” says Julian Johannes Reinauer of amberoad. For Tim Niekamp of VisioLab, Cashwalk paid off even before the award ceremony: “We were able to make valuable contacts even before our pitch started.” Matti Schurr, Co-Founder of Avocargo, highlighted the importance of the event as: “It also has a sustainability aspect: we can introduce ourselves to international investors without traveling around the world.”

About Cashwalk

Cashwalk is the pitch format of German Entrepreneurship. 51 selected startups pitch in 3 minutes to 100 investors. Besides the chance for new investments for both sides, a jury chooses the winners in several categories. The prize is individual coaching sessions with German Entrepreneurship experts. The event – otherwise at home in Munich – has been held virtually since October 2020. Partners of the 11th edition of Cashwalk were Bayern Kapital, Berenberg, Deloitte, Coparion, German Accelerator, High-Tech Gründerfonds, HV Capital, ii invest, InnoEnergy, LMU Entrepreneurship Center, Seven Accelerator, Unternehmertum Venture Capital, and Wessel Management GmbH. The 12th edition of Cashwalk will take place in March 2022.

Thank you to all participating startups and investors!
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