19.Jan 2023

New Event Series: Remarkable Women in AI

Artificial Intelligence – humanity’s dream of a powerful tool without prejudice. Is that achievable? AI can only process the data that humans feed into it. If diversity is missing when designing, and developing AI, the outcome will reflect it.  

Together, the AI Competence Center of German Entrepreneurship and Transatlantic AI eXchange, have initiated an event series to shine a light on accomplished female players and inspire, encourage and educate. With the event series “Remarkable Women in AI” moderated by Caroline Simard from Stanford University, Dr. Hedi Razavi from the AI Competence Center and Thomas Neubert from Transatlantic AI eXchange invite guests to a series of global discussions and workshops on diversity in AI beyond training data.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to contribute over $15 Billion to the global economy by 2030 and shape the future of human society. A critical challenge for the industry to live up to its potential is the need for more diversity in the development, research, application, and evaluation of new AI technology. With their series “Remarkable Women in AI,” the Transatlantic AI eXchange and the AI Competence Center at German Entrepreneurship invite all genders to a series of inspirational, educational, collaborative, and global discussions on gender diversity in AI – with the aim of inspiring attendees to take steps in their respective roles to address the gender gap in AI.

Driving diversity in AI is about something more than a few discussions among women about tech. It is about the technology truly representing women’s perspectives, data, and vision for the future of human society. Diversity needs to be a cornerstone in the development, research, application, and evaluation of new AI technology. Only when we all participate, will we be able to achieve truly remarkable innovation with positive impact.

Dr. Hedi Razavi

Managing Partner AI Competence Center, German Entrepreneurship

Companies that add more women in their AI teams not only help increase gender equality in general; they can deliver more value to their own business and customers. We want to contribute to this progress and are certain that change is on the horizon and the future is bright for women in AI. Providing visible AI leaders in business a platform to be heard is an effective way to highlight opportunities for women in AI. We want to inspirer a new generation of talented women building a workforce that exhibits gender inclusivity.

Thomas Neubert

Founder Transatlantic AI eXchange

The series consists of four events, kicking off on Tuesday, February, 7, 2023. The last two events will be hybrid workshops, connecting participants in Munich, German, Palo Alto, USA, Singapore and virtually. Date and locations to be confirmed. Attendance at all events is free. 

Trailblazers Shaping the Global Future of AI February, 7, 2023 (webinar) 
Lessons learned from industry pioneers
Moderator, Dr. Caroline Simard, Managing Director at Stanford VMWare Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, welcomes high-profile women in AI from across the globe to speak about their experiences and discuss diversity in AI.

Elevating the Contributions of Women in AI – March 9, 2023 (webinar)
Building a more inclusive future
In honor of the International Women’s Day, moderator Dr. Caroline Simard, Managing Director at Stanford VMWare Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, is joined by influential women in AI from across the globe to discuss strategies for building a more inclusive future in AI.

Rising to AI Leadership – May 8, 2023 (hybrid workshop)
The imperative of gender diversity in AI leadership
This engaging transatlantic workshop, shines the light on our own biases in connection to gender diversity in AI leadership.

Building an Inclusive Global AI Ecosystem – September 12, 2023 (hybrid workshop)
Practical insights for change across cultures
A captivating exchange of learnings from Asia and Europe on the role of culture and language in the advancement of women in AI.

The AI Competence Center is an initiative funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany and run by German Entrepreneurship GmbH. 

The Transatlantic AI eXchange is a platform that aims at accelerating and expanding the global economic, social and academic leadership of the US and Germany in the human-machine economy. 

The attendance at all of our events is free of charge.