14.Feb 2022

Master Accelerator – The First Batch

The Beginning of a Wonderful Friendship

The time has come: After reviewing so many fantastic applications, the inaugural class of our new program Master Accelerator has kicked off in January. We think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship – startups, mentors, experts, and program managers alike. So round up the usual suspects and let’s start!

Master Accellerator Startup Program

Master Accelerator according to Andy Goldstein

Andy Goldstein, founder of German Entrepreneurship GmbH, welcomed the startups personally – and opened with a daring thesis: At Master Accelerator, passion is not included. So, wait does this mean we don’t care? Absolutely not! On the contrary: Master Accelerator will support participants with everything they need: e.g. sessions with experts  and connection to our international ecosystem of not only alumni, but also mentors and corporates. That’s our passion. The passion Andy was referring to is the passion for one’s business that must come directly from the founders and team members themselves, no one can interject that for them. The Master Accelerator team will open all the doors there are in German Entrepreneurship’s global network. But to step through them, accepting the help, and putting the work into it – that only the participants can do.

Every single startup we accepted into the first batch of Master Accelerator has the ability to become a hyper successful, global market leader. Our team at German Entrepreneurship is committed to partnering and leveraging our ecosystem, in all ways possible, to turn that vision into reality.

Andy Goldstein

Founder, German Entrepreneurship

The three most important things Master Accelerator focuses on

There are three important things to keep in mind when talking to a VC or trying to get funding: team, team, and team. You can have the best pitch deck and most promising numbers with you, but if the investor is not convinced that you as a team can do what you tell him/her what you want to do – what’s it worth? That’s why Master Accelerator not only focuses on helping with individual problems, but encourages the startups to build a team – within their company, with the fellow program participants, and in the whole ecosystem.

Sharecare – Doors open where you maybe don’t expect

Opportunities and learnings don’t always occur within the defined program structure. Take Erik Feingold for example. When he participated with his startup in one of German Accelerator’s programs, he had the opportunity to fly to New York to speak at an event. There he sat beside another entrepreneur that told him about a similar company. The rest is history: Sharecare became a digital unicorn.

Participants of Master Accelerator

Let’s take a closer look at Master Accelerator’s first batch of startups:

Bearcover supports nursing home staff at night with checks of residents – without installing in-room devices.

Berget operates an e-commerce platform for high-quality, sustainable furniture subscriptions.

Enna enables people without digital competence to access digital content and communication.

Flinker is a coordination and management platform to realize construction projects.

The Hopper is a hybrid (car and bike) vehicle for individual mobility in a sustainable and livable city.

LOVR is a new material replacing leather without using any animal products, plastics, or dangerous chemicals.

Nomizz is the first project and procurement management software for machinery procurement.

ParentWise offers a course platform for parents with short and practical expert courses.

SQIN is an AI-based skin coaching app that supports users’ skin health and well being.

Synsor offers a machine vision solution to detect and avoid failures in automated production lines.

Ver.de is the first transparent, fair, and sustainable insurance company.

Wandai uses AI to analyze e-commerce data and generate recommendations for sales growth in e-commerce companies.

Zählerfreunde is an independent platform for smart meter users to reduce energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.

We are excited to have these promising startups in our program. And no matter where their journey takes them after the  program, we are excited to see what happens. Because we’ll always have Master Accelerator.

So here’s looking at you, kid, and accelerate that business!

There will be a next batch of Master Accelerator – stay tuned! And let us tell you: If that batch starts and you are not with us, “you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life”.