22.Oct 2021

Master Accelerator starts in Munich

Yesterday, an era has come to an end, onsite, in Munich, and virtually. After 15 years of successfully supporting early-stage startups, the LMU Entrepreneurship Center closes its doors. However, the support of young companies and their founders continues on with the creators of the LMU EC. Master Accelerator is German Entrepreneurship’s new offering to match the previous range of programs. Instead of one-size-fits-all, the focus is now on the individual startup and their requirements.  Applications are now accepted for the first batch, starting in January 2022. 

Startups should learn from the best. Nine German unicorns are alumni of German Entrepreneurship’s programs. We are delighted that these founders are sharing their knowledge to help the next generation succeed. They need a solid base  to grow sustainably. We can provide this stability through know-how, many years of experience, and our strong network.”

Andy Goldstein

Founder of German Entrepreneurship GmbH

The Master in the Master Accelerator

Master Accelerator is not just a name. Nine of the 10 largest unicorns in Germany have participated in German Entrepreneurship’s programs: Celonis, Flixbus, Foodora, Sharecare, N26, Raisin, Signavio, Auto1, and Trade Republic. The Master Accelerator includes coaching sessions with some of these champions.

Being able to work from the Munich office as a young startup during our first program with German Entrepreneurship has helped us transform from a team with a concept to a real company.

Jochen Engert

Co-Founder, Flixbus

When we met Andy Goldstein back then with Foodora, we were still fresh in the business. Thanks to his help, Foodora took off extremely fast – faster than we ever expected.

Konstantin Mehl

Founder, Foodora and Kaia Health

Master Accelerator – Coaching Unicorns

With the 6-month Master Accelerator, experts, investors, and outstanding alumni of German Entrepreneurship’s programs help founders from all industries to develop their own entrepreneurial personality. It’s not just about imparting knowledge. Startups build their own network, supported by the opportunity to co-work onsite in Munich, and can join the international ecosystem of German Entrepreneurship. In this way, the Master Accelerator creates a solid basis for sustainable growth. The program runs twice a year for six months each time.

Continue the Journey with German Entrepreneurship

Once graduated from Master Accelerator, participants have the opportunity to make use of other programs in  German Entrepreneurship’s  portfolio. Events like Co-Founder Match and Cashwalk, establish and strengthen the connections to fellow founders and investors. Ready to go international? Startups join German Accelerator’s Kickstart International to lay the foundation for global expansion. Once the decision is made, specialized Market Discovery and Market Access programs help prepare participants for their journey, set them up in the target market, and connect them to the local ecosystem in the US and Asia, including India, Japan, China, and South Korea.

Does your future unicorn need coaching? Join our first batch starting in January 2022!