20.Jul 2021

How Are Things Going, ContainerGrid?

While the application process for the next Cashwalk on September 28, 2021 is running, we took the chance to speak to one of the winners of the last pitch event: ContainerGrid. The startup from Munich won the category Business & Enterprise and convinced the investor jury with their cloud-based modular process management software for waste management. Time to check in with the team on how things are going and how they experienced Cashwalk.

First things first: How are you and what news are there on ContainerGrid?

We are great! There are a lot of decisions happening regarding our products and we are currently developing a new website. In the second part of this year we will also board on new team members. With all that happening, we are very happy that we are doing financially well and that our next investment round has been postponed to the end of the year.

Which advantages did you have by participating in Cashwalk?

Cashwalk is a super useful platform: We could meet new Venture Capitalists, which comes in obviously very handy when you are in search of investors. But the event is more than that: You have the chance to present your company and your ideas to a large audience and this helps to gain visibility in general.

What did you like best about Cashwalk?

What we did like best is a staple but also vital: Everything went super smooth. When we participated, Cashwalk was already a purely virtual event due to the circumstances at that time and that can be as much of a challenge as a live event. But the organisation was highly professional and made it possible for a great number of startups to participate.

Who should consider applying for Cashwalk in your opinion?

As Cashwalk is entirely open to any industry, there are very few restrictions as to who can apply. That is the cool part about the event: all kinds of beautiful and committed startups that are looking to raise investment soon should apply!

What tips can you give participating startups?

If you get the chance to pitch at Cashwalk, take this opportunity seriously: Be convinced about what you do and present it that way. On the other hand you should be realistic about your pitch deck: With a time limit of three minutes it should not be overloaded with information. And every participant should keep in mind that you are not done by only pitching. Investors will ask questions and you should be prepared to answer the most asked ones.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us and all the best for your further journey!

If your startup is in search of VC or Business Angel funding right now, take the chance and apply for the 11th Cashwalk on September 28, 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

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