07.Apr 2021

Four Startups With an Innovative Approach to Health

Thanks to apps and digital devices, health care advice can take place anywhere. On the occasion of World Health Day on April 7th, we have selected four German Accelerator Startups that offer innovative apps and online courses on the topic of health and wellbeing.

Ada Health: A smart symptom database
Have you ever googled what a certain sign from your body could mean? From now on, you can turn to Berlin-based startup Ada Health with your questions. Developed by doctors and scientists, their smart health app Ada helps you understand and classify your symptoms in minutes. Based on artificial intelligence and an extensive medical knowledge base, Ada helps doctors and patients by providing fast health information.

HelloBetter: Digital training for mental well-being
Restrictions caused by COVID-19 are taking their toll on the mental wellbeing of many individuals. The startup HelloBetter from Hamburg invites us to pay more attention to the topic of mental health. Their psychological online courses help to combat depression, stress, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. All classes strengthen mental wellbeing with various exercises, are scientifically validated, and are accompanied by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists.

VisionHealth: A digital helper for people with respiratory diseases
More than 600 million people worldwide suffer from chronic respiratory infections. Their disease is curable, but the success of their treatment depends heavily on handling their inhaler correctly. Munich-based startup VisionHealth offers a solution with its innovative health app Kata: Through a combination of different technologies, the app helps patients with lung diseases inhale their medication more effectively, record symptoms and therapies, and improve the course of the disease.

Kaia Health: An app to treat back pain in the home office
If you start having continuous back pain, Kaia Health from Munich has the optimal solution. Their innovative app offers therapy against back pain with training and relaxation exercises that can easily be performed from the comfort of your home. The clue: An integrated movement coach recognizes whether a user is performing the exercise effectively and provides tips.

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