27.Feb 2023

Alumni News: A Prototype for Manufacturing Transparency

The German Startup and German Entrepreneurship alumni Staex GmbH has designed a digital solution that increases efficiency in production environments and ensures continuous productivity during downtimes. With the help of industry experts and business consultants of Deloitte Germany, the company developed a prototype that communicates machine downtime to the right people and optimizes production processes around it.

As an alumni of our programs, Staex was selected as one of the 10 startups by Deloitte Germany for their innovative software solution tackling the present energy crisis and sustainability challenges. In April 2022, the company’s founder and CEO Alexandra Mikityuk and Chief Strategy Officer, Paksy Plackis-Cheng presented at the Deloitte’s 3000+ member strong consulting All-Hands Event in Hamburg “Turn up the Good“.¬†Their stable and secure communication between machines and IoT devices with a zero-waste IoT infrastructure is perfect for building Industry 4.0 applications.

Learn more about this game-changing technology: