3 Quick Questions To Timo Fürbaß

Our new team member Timo Fürbaß is supporting German Entrepreneurship as Key Account Manager Corporate Innovation. As we are always excited to learn more about our colleagues, we sat down with the experienced innovation consultant for 3 quick questions.

Timo, how would you describe your job to your grandparents?

I help organizations of all types and sizes to come up with innovative products or services and bring these to life quickly and efficiently.

How are you connected to the topic of innovation?

As a teenager, I became fascinated with renewable energy technology innovations. Later, I focused on innovation in my studies, worked at Google, and helped corporates and public organizations to develop innovation as a consultant.

What is it about innovation projects that excites you?

It’s a great feeling to actively shape the future and always keep up with trends and new technologies. But what I enjoy most is the energy when working with creative doers who want to see their idea come to life and succeed!

If you have questions or thoughts about corporate innovation, Timo is happy to help!

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