Stammtisch in Singapore (Special Edition)

IMDA PIXEL Innovation Hub 10 Central Exchange Green, Singapore

Proudly presenting our German startups from German Accelerator’s Singapore Market Discovery (AI) Class 2023-1

Co-Founder Match Vol. 10

German Entrepreneurship Center Balanstraße 73 | Haus 19B/EG, Munich, Bayern

Founders 4 Impact Night: Connecting early-stage entrepreneurs and talents looking to join their mission.

Remarkable Women in AI

A series of global discussions and workshops on diversity in AI beyond training data
May 8, 2023: Rising to AI Leadership (Hybrid)
September 12, 2023: Building an Inclusive Global AI Ecosystem (Hybrid)

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February 7, 2023: Trailblazers Shaping the Global Future of AI (Online)
March 9, 2023: Elevating the Contributions of Women in AI (Online)