11.Sep 2023

Germany’s AI Action Plan

In late August 2023, the German government revealed plans to increase funding for artificial intelligence research and infrastructure to as much as 500 million euros by 2024. The initiative, known as the AI Action Plan, provides a roadmap to support the economy and indicates that widespread use of AI could serve as a potential solution to economic recession concerns in Germany.

The initial version of the AI Action Plan was first released by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the federal government’s AI Strategy, the latter of which was initiated in 2018. The now-revised version establishes overarching goals, budget measures, and specific areas in need of immediate action.

One of the central goals of the AI Action Plan is to establish Germany and Europe as leaders amidst global AI developments. This involves transferring research-based developments into business and social contexts such that AI-related benefits are concretely felt. Currently, only 15% of German companies make use of AI and the actual application of AI research to industry-specific contexts is often overlooked. Relatedly, another focal point of the AI Action Plan is to leverage trustworthy AI and Germany’s emphasis on privacy in the AI context as competitive advantages in the global market.

The budget forecasts indicate that about €1.6 billion will be invested in AI over the present legislative period. The increased investment will be directed to research initiatives, including the creation of around 150 university research labs, as well as to promoting economic growth via strengthened AI infrastructure. Other funded initiatives will include research groups headed by women, new professorship positions, and skills development to promote the share of workers in the labor force with AI training. Additional action areas include facilitating the use of AI in healthcare and education, as well as in climate and civil security research.

Several of the points outlined in the AI Action Plan align with the AI Competence Center’s (AICC) missions of expanding AI usage into new markets, as well as cultivating a robust AI ecosystem. The presentation of our AI Beyond Border Awards at the upcoming 2023 Bits and Pretzels convention contributes to these objectives by recognizing the top 3 German AI startups who are employing innovative uses of AI technology. Thereby, German Entrepreneurship aims to boost their visibility in the German and European AI ecosystem.

Germany invests 500 Million Euros in Ai