Explore Japan and South Korea

Virtual & Physical Locations

Event will be held in English | The German Accelerator team from Asia will be flying into Germany to share the rising trends and opportunities for German startups in Japan and South Korea’s thriving startup scene.

Partner beim Deep Tech Award 2022


Als führender Deep-Tech-Standort zeichnet Berlin mit dem Deep Tech Award 2022 wieder die genialsten Ideen aus der Hauptstadt aus. Der German Accelerator ist stolz darauf, diese Veranstaltung mit Fast Track Tickets für die Gewinnerteams zu unterstützen! Egal ob Start-up, ein kleines Unternehmen oder bereits auf Wachstumskurs - Deep Tech Berlin sucht Euch! Ihr seid in […]

German Accelerator’s Startup Lunch Lesson


Event will be held in English | German Accelerator’s webinar series for startups, founders and entrepreneurs. Internationalization is an individual process for every company. The experts of German Accelerator and alumni of our global programs share their knowledge in 30-45 minute sessions every third Tuesday of the month to help you ask yourself the right questions.

Cashwalk – Global


Event will be held in English | Exclusive Pitch Event For Startups & Investors