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Growing Global – Opportunities and Challenges

23.Mai - 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST

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Growing Global – Opportunities and Challenges

Hear from Experts of Global Hiring, Fundraising and Building a Startup Team

Join our upcoming virtual event on „Growing Global – Opportunitities and challenges: Hear from Experts of Global Hiring, Fundraising and Building a Startup Team” led by our partner and Global HR expert G-P.

Together with G-P’s Dhaval Gore we are hosting a panel of experts including Christian Jorg, Managing Partner of German Accelerator, Marcela Donatello, Co-founder & Programme Director of the European number one Fundraising Bootcamp for Startups, and Carl Kirchhoff from Turnbull Group Holding Ltd., to provide valuable insights and real-life experiences on scaling teams internationally.

During the event, we will focus on the key areas that startups need to consider when scaling and growing beyond borders. 

  1. International Expansion – We will discuss how to assess new markets based on TAM and other metrics. We will also explore the push and pull factors to enter new markets and whether to pursue a global go-to-market strategy or a regional or city-focused approach.

    2. Team Building – We will share our thoughts on how to best resource and configure teams to align with go-to-market plans. We will discuss how internal factors, such as operations and product development, impact your hiring strategy.

    3. Fundraising – We will explore the current state of fundraising in 2023 and share our insights on how to raise funds sustainably. We will discuss whether it is becoming harder to raise funds and the challenges of extending runways. Additionally, we will share our thoughts on how to convince potential and existing investors that your product is solving a problem, sustainable, and profitable.

Join us for an evening of networking and knowledge sharing. Register now and submit questions in advance.
This way, we can prepare our answers for the event and discuss them at the panel.


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST