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FuckupNights®Munich Vol.3 Artifical Intelligence

06.Feb - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CET


FuckupNights®Munich Vol.3 Artifical Intelligence

The idea was born in Mexico, where five friends discovered that it takes a very steamy evening to let your pants down and tell the stories that no one includes in their résumé, instead of adulating each other about your professional successes.

Join us at FuckupNights®Munich for an exciting evening of failures and hard-earned wisdome from AI startups. Dive deep into a different kind of evening and connect with fellow founders.

Of course food, snacks, drinks and beer will be ready.

Date: Monday, 06 February 2023
Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM CET
Venue: German Entrepreneurship Center, Balanstr. 73 | Haus 19B/EG,  81541 Munich

6:00 PM – Check-In
6:30 PM – Start
8:00 PM – Networking
9:00 PM – End

Speaker 1 – Tristan Kennweg, Co-Founder and CEO | Pandia 3D

Tristan Kennweg Pandia 3D Headshot

Pandia 3D, it should be the high-tech 3D scanning solution of the moment. In other words, the absolutely efficient automation of industrial inspection, measurement and production processes. This means that the quality of components, assemblies and goods should be able to be checked in a matter of seconds. Volume and area measurement should be and became possible in detail. What happened to it?

A story of hustling, pivots, ups and downs, dreams of greatness, drawbacks and possible failure. Hardware in the loop at the time of the semiconductor crisis and investment rounds at the start of the Ukraine war. We are very curious about the story and what the current state today.

Tristan Kennweg on LinkedIn

Speaker 2 – Pauline Neuholz, COO and Co-Founder | RAISE Agriculture

Pauline_Neuholz_He<br />

Failure as a faithful companion? Is that possible? Pauline Neuholz says yes. She dropped out of her first degree program and her voluntary military service, and at the age of 24, still had no degree.

Her first startup, PAAWR failed, and that was a good thing, she says today. Because, in her view, failure is an art form and the evolution toward success. The first startup had to fail to succeed with the second startup, RAISE. Creating a startup means radically discarding what doesn’t work to create something great out of nothing. Find out more on February 6 and what it all has to do with weeding on a grand scale.

Pauline Neuholz on LinkedIn

Speaker 3 – Solomon Eko, Entrepreneur/Founder | Retink

Solomon Eko_Headshot

Solomon’s entrepreneurial journey is as diverse as the experiences he gathered in everything he has tried to become or do.You could call him a jack of many trades. He has done and tried many things, from an aspiring professional footballer to an amateur musician, actor, project manager, engineer, teacher, geographer, trainer, journalist, etc.

Guess what … he failed in some and succeeded in others. Today he connects the dots of all his fuckups. On February 6, he tells us how he does it and what has to be considered with such a variety.

Solomon Eko on LinkedIn

Speaker 4 – Karsten Miermans, Co-Founder & Head of Product |


How far do you get with a complex AI product without a product market fit? Karsten says today, „We could have either consulted and billed by the hour or raised capital to build the product.“ Why they didn’t do either, but jumped from pilot to pilot with no result, he’ll tell us.

Karsten Miermans on LinkedIn


6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CET