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China German Startup Night

13.Jun - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM CEST

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China German Startup Night

Join us for an exciting night of pitches, networking with top-notch startups, and getting together virtually to celebrate global innovation!

TwentyOne Skills (SaaS, E-learning) is the largest learning platform specialized for early-stage researchers. We support universities and other research institutions with a wide range of digital and hybrid learning formats, including e-learning, live classes, and blended learning.

Sentin (Machine Learning & AI, Data & Connectivity) offers automation solutions for inspections with non-destructive testing methods in safety-critical applications. We use digital technologies and AI to gain safety and efficiency for customers in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries.

Magment (Wireless Charging, Mobility) is a specialist in wireless charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The technology is based on magnetic concrete/asphalt which paves the way for high-performance, robust, and cost-efficient stationary and dynamic wireless charging.

Complymarket (Supply Chain, Marketplace) assists suppliers, manufacturers, and importers in navigating product compliance regulations and source-compliant materials, components, and products. Using an AI-based system, we provide an online platform to determine product requirements before suppliers place products.

Pure Flavour (Health Supplements, Nuraceuticals) offers contract manufacturing of food supplements and liquid products. With a full-service approach, Pure Flavour offers both private-label and white label products from the idea, through product development, to production and shipping. Pure Flavour GmbH also produces and distributes food flavourings and other ingredients for various food and beverage processing companies.

Metalshub (Metal, Software) offers software solutions for digitizing raw materials (procurement and sales) and market intelligence. The industry focuses on steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc.

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10:00 AM - 11:30 AM CEST




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