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Why Do Companies Need Innovation?

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The world is constantly changing. Globalization has created not only more knowledge but also more international competition for corporations – in addition to digitalization, disruptive technologies, and new customer expectations. 

Corporate Innovation

Innovation is the key to staying on top of the game. But almost every German company struggles to be innovative. Reasons vary from structure to management to mindset and many more. “Never change a winning team,” might be true, but corporate innovation doesn’t change a team – it takes the team’s talent to a new level. 


Why Innovation Is Crucial

Keeping your company and its people innovative and head-to-head with the competition increases your chances of long-term survival. The benefits from individual projects don’t have to be short-lived but instead increase your lasting economic success. 

Innovation Benefits for Corporations


  • Improvement of processes and efficiency  
  • Creation of new business models 
  • Ability to attract and keep talent 
  • Employee development 
  • Help penetrate new markets or target groups faster
Corporate Innovation by German Entrepreneurship
Headshot of Andy Goldstein
“Increasing pace and the impact of converging technologies let small startups and cross-industry players disrupt large organizations in the blink of an eye.”

Andy Goldstein, Managing Director of German Entrepreneurship

Why Innovation Does Not Come Naturally

The challenge of responding to change is not new. What has certainly changed, however, is the speed at which technologies, processes and the demands of society are changing.

There are different ways to innovate. Our experience of over 500 innovation projects has taught us that a company should use different methods or find out its best fitting approach to achieve its goals for innovation.

Strategic Partnering 

We help you to define your goals and find the right strategy. By doing that, it is important for us not to act purely as an external consultant, but to develop things together with you. Because you know your company best. Most of our colleagues are entrepreneurs themselves – so we walk the talk.

Build, Measure, Learn 

Whether ideas work can be tested early on with the Build-Measure-Learn concept. Not every idea is a good one, but when we or you believe in one, we test it at the earliest possible stage, improve the understanding of the system around it and optimize or discard the idea.

Innovative Culture 

An important part of innovation is thinking in new directions and learning quickly from mistakes. Therefore, a healthy error culture is at the same time part of an innovative corporate culture. We support you to find the right degree of venturing and to spread it in your company.

Our Solution

We believe that innovation can grow in any company –  it only depends on the right goals and the right strategy. We help corporations build the future and stay ahead of the innovation curve thanks to years of experience, a global network of experts, and over 500 successfully implemented projects. 

Our Corporate Innovation Unit works with you to identify the right strategy and formats for your business – whether it’s designing and running an intrapreneurship program, unlocking opportunities for corporate teams to scale, or providing a structured approach to partner with startups globally. With solutions tailored to your company’s needs and budget, our team guides you all the way, from the first idea to international market access. 

Our Programs for Corporate Startups

From the initial idea to a prototype up to international success, we guide your corporate startup all along the way.

From First Idea To Internationalization

Our first cross-industry Accelerator for corporate startups supports corporations and medium-sized companies to efficiently foster, develop, and test the innovative ideas of their employees. Our intrapreneurship experts advise your corporate startup individually from the initial idea through market maturity to international scaling. At the same time, your team has the opportunity to exchange ideas with corporate startup teams from other industries and be inspired by their approaches.

Find Your Open Innovation Match

With our Match Program for Demand-Driven Startup Partnerships, we help you to explore new technologies and international partners from the startup scene. In this structured program we identify and involve all relevant stakeholders, scout and select high-potential startups in your desired markets, and walk you through the early interactions. In addition, we provide you with ongoing support as processpartner during the partnership, translate between corporate and startup culture, and unite you both in concrete use cases.

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